Anonymous asked:"hii, can u please make a outfit for easter wat Ariana would wear thank you so much:)"

I’d need more info than this x

Anonymous asked:"how do i be more comfortable around people and be myself? Im not much of a shy person but i cant be comfortable like how i would talk so much with my best friend. I want to make more friends but everything about me is awkward"

Awkward can be extremely endearing, some of my guy friends find awkward girls fantastic.
Please have confidence, if I ever help anyone ever with this blog I want it to be about confidence.
For one. I’m a strong believer that everyone is beautiful, shapes, sizes, looks, there’s something beautiful about everyone, but nobody EVER believes that about themselves.
Secondly, it’s okay to talk to new people, most people accept that really well, everyone likes making a new mate. Just be careful who, getting messed up with somebody who’s not good company really screwed me up.
Third, just be yourself. Don’t try to be anybody else. God knows I copied Ariana for long enough and it got me nowhere!
Just have confidence that you’re a good person, why shouldn’t anybody want to start talking with you?
X - niamh

Anonymous asked:"Hey!! Love your blog! What about uniform clothes for school? How to make it more Ariana?"

Cute pearl bracelets, black Keds/pumps, mainly your hair & makeup will give you the Ariana feel!
X -Niamh

Anonymous asked:"do you have any advice on how to dress like ari as an overweight person? bc i really can't wear skirts or tight tops or dresses"

Jeans, and peplum or slogan tops!
I’m sure you can pull off dresses and skirts, it’s all about confidence! x

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Anonymous asked:"What kind of Polaroid camera does Ariana grande have and what color is it? Just wondering?"

She has the fujifilm x8 mini, in white I think but it may be pink! x

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Anonymous asked:"how would ariana style neutral colored flats? Casual like shorts because i cant wear skirts or dresses"

High waisted light denim shorts, and some kind of tank top with a cute slogan on it! x

fifthharmonylovexx asked:"Hii can u please give me some tips on how to grow your hair longer thank you🎀💕"

Get it cut regularly, use very little heat on it, and invest in a good oil! I use argan oil! x

Anonymous asked:"who is the designer for the dress she wore in her music video Right There?"

I’m pretty sure it’s kenley collins, she makes most of her outfits! x

beautiful-since-99 asked:"She uses Afterlight a lot, SquarereadyV (it puts white bars on videos). Those are just two that I know she uses"


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personal tumblrs

a few askers have been asking what the urls to our personals are, so I hope the girls see this and add their own! Here’s Niamhs.

Anonymous asked:"What apps does ariana grande use for Instagram? Does she also use polamatic?"

whitagram probably, not sure on any more but if you do please tell us!

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Anonymous asked:"would ariana wear a bright blue/true blue oversized jumper? And how would she style it?"

Yes she would! With dark jeans and ugg boots on a lazy day! X

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Anonymous asked:"What would Ariana wear to prom??"

A short pastel dress, possibly by Sherri hill. Or a very elegant classy long dress in a deep red, white or black!
I hope this helps somewhat and if you would like a set just ask! x

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Anonymous asked:"Hiii can u please make a outfit for school what Cat Valentine would wear thank you"

Any episode of Sam & Cat and Victorious will give you an idea! x

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Anonymous asked:"where can i find similar or same pullover sweaters ariana wears?"

wild fox I believe! x